The Box of Delights

Created by Civilian 'Key Holder' Yolanthe Ibalin on Thu Jan 22, 2015 @ 4:45am

A Tour of the Box of Delights Spread over three floors, The Box of Delights offers a huge range of genuine drinks and snacks, live entertainments, and holosuites available for private hire. Come in and take a look around...

Box Of Delights Level 1

Box of Delights Level 1

The Main entrance is a wide opening that is shuttered during closing hours. Current opening hours are 1100 to 0200. If the shutters are down, ring the bell. Chances are someone's in.

Directly opposite the main entrance is the bar, take a seat here and watch the bartenders' display of skills as they mix and pour hundred of different drinks from all over the galaxy. There's plenty of tables in front of the bar, and if you prefer something a little quieter, or more private, head around the back of the bar and take a booth and wait for one of our server's to come to you.

On the left hand side of the Box is the main gaming floor. Here you can play tongo, dabo, roulette, blackjack and a number of other games of chance to test your luck and skill against the house.

To the right is Stage number 1, for when performers are playing to the whole house.

Box Of Delights Level 2

Box of Delights Level 2

At each end of the bar are stairs and a lift to the second floor. The first of the two mezzanines that overlook the first floor, this features a 15,000 sq ft state-of-the-art holodeck, available for hire in part or in whole. It's been designed with three arches, so it can be divided into two or three smaller venues for every private function need. When not in use by private parties, it is normally divided in two smaller venues featuring a mix of entertainments, typically live music and comedy. Or just prowl the balcony outside and people-watch the crowds below.

Box Of Delights Level 3

Box of Delights Level 3

Up on the third floor is our holospa. Hire one of the eight holosuites to run any title from our library of 20,000, bring your own, or get the resident holotech, Klia, to write you your own personal fantasy. Suites can be hired for as little as half an hour, or all night. The holospa features changing rooms, showers and a dedicated replicata to create any wardrobe or props you might need.


The staff are a multicultural bunch, with one unifying feature. They're pretty; even the Gorn doorman can be considered attractive.

The staff are divided into three groups, The Bar Staff, the Servers, and the Croupiers. Whilst there are many staff at the box, some of the more regular workers are:

  • Blake - the head waiter, often referred to by his two bosses as Blake the Beautiful. He wasn't hired for his brains, but he is helpful, cheerful and able. (Human Male)
  • Jessica - Human Female, a croupier who specialises in card games
  • Rosh Pelin - A Bajoran male. After Yolanthe herself, Pelin is the most able of the Bar Staff, and if Yolanthe isn't there to serve you, he will be.
  • Ahjess Denn- Trill Male, one of the Dabo Boys.
  • Harry - (really called Har'silar) Gorn male, acts as the doorman.
  • Vedra - Risian female, one of the waitresses. has a body that can cause an accident in a carpark.
  • Leila - Female Zeon, one of the bar staff.