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We Stand with Ryan

Posted on Wed Jan 24, 2018 @ 12:54am by Civilian Melvyn Raddon

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Federation News Network
Timeline: MD3 1000

"Good evening, I am Eche Fuliar, correspondent for the Federation News Network here on Deep Space 5. Tonight our topic is the ongoing controversy onboard the station between the ever-growing discontentment from the Human population and the station's non-Human Command staff." The woman said as the camera zoomed in on her.

"Joining me today is one of the local Human business and community leaders onboard the station, Melvyn Raddon." She said as his image was placed along side of her. "Melvyn Raddon is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Raddon Corporation, a conglomerate with a focus on Dilithium refinement and extraction throughout the Federation." She explained.

"But for more on the growing hot-bed of emotion, let's go live to Mr. Raddon." She said as the holographic projection of Mr. Raddon appeared beside her. "Welcome to the show, Mr. Raddon." she said.

Melvyn smiled graciously. "Please, m'dear, call me Melvyn, you're making me feel much much older." He said with a smile. "But I am grateful to be on your show, I am a long-time fan." He said.

"Thank you, Melvyn," Eche replied. "So let's get down to the heart of the problem, you believe that there is an on-going campaign of violence and intimidation against a certain segment of the station population?" She asked as an opener.

Melvyn's expression changed to a much more sour display. "Sadly, yes. It is an unfortunate reality that Humanity has become a persona non grata in their homes away from home." He said gravely. "It has been going on for several years." He said.

"What exactly do you mean?" The reporter asked.

Melvyn sighed. "In recent years, there has been numerous attacks on Humans, Human-supported business ventures, and even Human-Starfleet Officers." He said.

"By Officers, you are referring to former Lieutenant Commander Dorian Gabriel, who currently works for you." Eche said.

"Yes, Dorian is a particular example of the Human bias that has developed." He said. "He was unceremoniously removed from duty and prosecuted by a high-ranking Romulan who choose to exact revenge against him." Melvyn said. "Countless years of service were simply thrown away because Starfleet was too afraid of damaging foreign relations with the Romulan Star Empire to stand up for their own Officers." He said.

"Well, certainly you agree that was just a one-time incident, correct?" Eche responded.

"Sadly, it has not stopped." Melvyn said. "Just recently, our Chief Of Security, Ryan Caleb was kidnapped and forced to submit to a sham trial at the hands of the Cardassian government." He said. "And predictably. . .our government sat by idly as he and his fellow Officers faced the mockery of Justice that the Cardassian Empire calls a Tribunal" He said forcefully.

"Thankfully, his former Commander, Commodore Artemis Pierce served as a member of the Tribunal and was able to stop the plot from reaching its desired objective." Melvyn said in a satisfied tone.

"But why do you believe this is happening?" She asked.

"Because we have sacrificed our freedom and security for lull in violence that we have mistaken for peace" He said as he looked towards the camera. "We desperately beg for a Tomorrow that is just a little less painful than Today." He said, fighting the rising emotion in his voice. "That is why we firmly stand behind Commander Caleb Ryan." He said.

"What do you mean 'stand behind', he has been returned to duty and was found Not Guilty, correct?" She asked.

"I'm afraid not," Melvyn replied. "My sources from within Starfleet have informed me that the Cardassian Government has sought to have Commander Ryan removed from his position as Chief of Security in some misguided attempt at revenge." He said.

"Do you believe that the station's new Commander, Maritza Soran, will concede to the foreign Government's demands?" Eche asked.

Melvyn huffed in disbelief. "Unfortunately, I do not share your confidence in the new Trill Commander." He said coldly. "She may have initially refused to comply, but there is no telling how long until she finally caves just to keep up appearances." He said dismissively.

"Melvyn, some say that your organization is nothing more than a xenophobic and racist collaboration designed to cause division throughout the Federation." Eche said, switching gears.

Melvyn laughed at the accusation. "Far, far from it, m'dear. My business is one of the largest employers on the station. In fact, our Research Division has provided the groundwork for countless innovations in Federation propulsion and dilithium refinement and production." He said defensively. "My company believes that the future of the Federation lies in our ability to harness the power and strength that lies within ourselves. It was that same strength that led the battle cry against the Xindi, the Romulans, the Borg, and countless other threats against us." He said. "We strive to encourage leadership, not division." He said.

"Well, that is certainly a lot to consider. Unfortunately, our time is up. Is there anything else you'd like our audience to know?" She asked as she began to conclude the interview.

"Yes, I want to make it clear that we stand by Ryan and demand that the station Command stand by him as well. We will not tolerate any formal or informal demotion, or reduction in responsibility simply to appease outside agitators." He said. "Truth be told, he should be running the place himself." Melvyn said with a smile.

"From your lips to Starfleet Command's ears, Melvyn" Eche said as she turned back towards the camera. "I am Eche Fuliar, and this is the Federation News Network, signing off." She said as the link terminated.

Melvyn Raddon
Raddon Corporation

Eche Fuliar
Host & New Correspondent


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