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Mandatory Medical - Lt Liam Reynolds

Posted on Thu Jan 25, 2018 @ 3:36am by Commander Amia Telamon M.D. & Lieutenant Liam Reynolds

Mission: Victory Conditions
Location: Sickbay


Amia had orders to send to the senior officers to come in for a medical at the instigation of the new CO and she had already sent out most but had saved Liam's for last. It wasn't that she didn't want to see her lovely friend, it was more that she wanted to save him for a space after the rush had cleared. That way she could get to have a chat at the same time.

She wrote and explained this idea to him and pressed send.

Liam was more than happy with Amia's idea and arrived promptly at her proposed time.

"So then ready to prod and poke me?" his eyes crinkled up with amusement. "Go easy please, I'm still recovering from our new CO tearing strips off me AGAIN."

"Perhaps I can apply some dermal regeneration to those torn off strips..... " she teased. "Where are the gaps?" She looked at him innocently. Well it was a very good attempt at an innocent look. Anyone else might have even been slightly taken in by a doubt, faced with that but not Liam of course. She knew that only too well. She dropped the look and grinned instead.

Liam grinned. "All over," he said mischievously. "Actually," he said taking a seat on the bio bed nearest so she could do her thing, "Soran rather surprised me. Yeah I didn't actually know what was going on in that last meeting for most of it, she does seem to flit around a bit, but between you and me, she actually apologised to me for the psychic attacks. I probably can't talk about it .... I suppose it was a strategy meeting," he scratched his head. "But I think I came off slightly better at the end despite the lashing."

"I'm very glad to hear that you're unscathed!" Amia said affectionately as she set up the biobed's scanners.

"What do you need me to do?" he asked as she came at him with some sort of device.

"Just sit up here please" she smiled and patted the biobed, her lips curling slightly in the beginnings of a tiny smirk.

"I don't see any missing dermal tissue..... " she teased. "Are you allowed to tell me what she was cross with you for? You didn't take her out as well did you?" the smirk spread up a little more and her tongue licked her lower lip to smother it from becoming a full smile.

"The same thing she's already chewed me out for twice, the ferengi," Liam said simply. "She said earlier it that it was under a different CO so done with it then still told me off again. Am I going to have to pay time for her not approving forever?" Liam asked.

"I was close to throwing my badge in to be honest. This is a nightmare. Under a Commander who doesn't trust me, doesn't value my counsel and just wants to keep punishing me over and over. But something big's coming. Cade could see it. He brought me in for a reason and trusted me to my own devices," he said sadly. "I know it's not a patch on what your feeling but I miss him."

"Cade has always had an intuitive way about him. If there's something in the air, he would sense it. I used to accuse him of having some betazoid blood if he annoyed me with his premonitive side. I do miss him. So very much. It's like having lost limbs." she breathed deeply, trying not to get upset. "Anyway....." she changed the subject back to the point and away from her husband.
"What do you think you'll do.... is it just a matter of winning the CO round? Or do you really think there's a trust problem? That would be very awkward, to say the least....." she asked, very concerned.

"Honestly, both. Winning her around, it'll take time but I'll crack that spikey exterior eventually," Liam decided firmly. "Hell I cracked Francesca LaGuada. If I can get her to open up and talk I can do anything. The trust thing, well she apologised. There's a small foundation that can be worked upon I suppose. If she meets me halfway. I can't do it alone.

"How's my BMI and cholesterol and all that doing? Is all the running and diet paying off?" he asked changing the subject. "I had to replicate smaller trousers," he said proudly. He had not been this lean since before joining the academy he reasoned.

Amia chuckled. "I am proud of you Lieutenant!" she said, the smirk not leaving her face. She meant no harm by this response, it was all in the nature of their close friendship.

"Your BMI is not something I would check as it happens. Those were cast off Centuries ago, as being inaccurate ways of assessing people's ratios and health. Cell scans are MUCH more useful a tool now and yours are structured well and functioning as they should for your age, height and muscle tone. Your cholesterol is not above the level it should be either so full marks!" she added.

Liam grinned. "Good to know. So do I pass?"

"Always!" she grinned, waving a datarod at him provocatively. "What's it worth?" she teased.

"Of course. I get to see my favourite doc and get told my biology is okay. And I passed my medical, so the CO can't yell at me for not doing," Liam grinned. "Does this mean we can have a cuppa now?"

"It does!" she laughed. "And you're making it while I get a turn to lie down!" she pretended to have to lie in his place and relax, making a big fuss about how comfortable what he had just had to do had been and how she had done all the work and the moving around as if it were a big deal.

However, she knew he saw right through all that nonsense even though she also knew he'd cave and make the tea. She grinned at him. "So have you made peace with your lovely friend... Tara... was it? Sorry, I have baby-brain, I can't remember names, not even my own these days!"

"Tera, and we are giving it a proper try. She's now my girlfriend. You have to meet her," Liam told her. "It would be nice if you could become friends. I don't think she knows a lot of people. She can be kind of shy sometimes." He went to the replicator nearest and ordered two teas, one decaf for his pregnant friend.

"I can't wait to meet her Li, I want to know who has what it takes to make Liam Reynolds serious!" she replied with a sparkle in her eyes. "I can't imagine her being able to remain shy, with someone a sociable as yourself to keep up with?"

"I haven't been that sociable lately. There's been too much going on," Liam mused handing the decaf to Amia and taking a seat on the biobed opposite. "Tera is fun to be around and beautiful and a good person. I would be crazy not to try things further."

"In that case then I'm even more keen to meet her!" Amia said, beaming approval. This was the old Liam and she had missed her old friend. It was bitter-sweet that Cade wasn't here to complete their old trio just at the time when it was about to, hopefully, become four close friends instead of three.

"I'll get it set up," Liam grinned. "Maybe dinner. Before my niece arrives?"

"I thought your nieces were here already? Didn't I see..... " Amia shook her head. "Take no notice of me.... I probably saw someone else.... two someone-elses.. I don't know.... i get confused.... I can't bear how soggy my brain is getting these days. I really wonder if I shouldn't maybe stop working soon.... I don't want to make an important mistake because I have baby-brain!!" she looked sad and felt vulnerable right now - It was not a nice feeling.

"You saw my new step sisters," Liam answered. "They are on a visit for a week. Your very welcome to meet them if you want."

He sipped his tea and addressed her other comments. "If work's getting too much, stop working Mei-Mei. You won't do the baby and yourself any good if you stress yourself out."

"Oh, I misunderstood. I thought .... sorry. Well perhaps I'm not imaging things, just not getting the right end of the stick. I'm much happier to accept a misunderstanding than I am to try to come to terms with losing my cohesion. I do hear what you're saying Lee, I just think I'd go even more crazy if I didn't work. I'm so worried about Cade's parents; his dad is so ill, his mom so vulnerable without him, his sisters so young to be in the middle of all this.

And that's without Cade himself. He's worried about me but he can't be in two places at once. Currently, and when I'm still well enough to work, he's reassured that I'm not in any acute need of him yet. That keeps him less torn about being with his family. It's very messy. I'm best off not sitting here all day with nothing to do but worry back the other way right back at him!" she explained, taking some tea herself.

"Okay," Liam said simply as all that was giving him a slight headache following her thought pattern. "Why not compromise and drop some hours? Go part time. You're still working enough to not be worrying about Cade all the time and you're getting some rest now that the pregnancy is beginning to become harder?"

"That makes perfect sense, Liam, Perfect sense." she rolled her eyes, stood up and began something that resembled pacing but at a very slow rate.

A few minutes passed before she could contain it no longer and she had to stop, look at him and finally say it.


"What?" Liam asked nearly spilling his tea as he felt his friend's emotional state change. "Oh by the Goddesses, what's happening? Amia your ....." he pointed starting to understand and then panic. "They broke. Your waters. What do we do?"

Amia laughed. "Don't panic lovely friend. There's plenty of time still. That wasn't what I was going to say at all!" she smiled affectionately at him. "You're very jumpy with me. I know it's very difficult trying to know what's going on from the outside but I promise you now. IF... and WHEN.... baby Cadia decides to pop, I will make VERY loud noises about what's happening. I will make sure you know and I'll even promise you can be my birth-buddy.... how about that?" she promised him, taking his hand to seal her word on it.

"I would be honoured," Liam said, secretly hoping he wasn't going to have to witness a lot of icky things and end up with a broken hand.


Lieutenant Liam Reynolds
Chief Counselor

& Cmdr Amia Telamon


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