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Civilian Melvyn Raddon

Name Melvyn Raddon

Position Chief Executive Officer

Second Position Federation Commerce Envoy

Rank Civilian

Non-Player Character Award Civilian Commendation Medal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 74

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 215
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description


Spouse Meg'han (Deceased)
Children Raymond - Son
Rachel - Daughter
Father Charles
Mother Madelyn
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melvyn is a businessman at heart. He has spent his entire adult life navigating the various twists and turns of the business world in order to create one of the most highly visibile organization in the Federation.

Countless individuals have taken issue with Melvyn's concern with profits in direct contrast to the goal of self-development and altruism. It is believed that Humans should strive to better themselves and mankind as a whole as opposed to controlling a particular resource and distributing it for an increased profit.

Melvyn has always felt that it was unnatural for Humans to not seek advanced me for a profit. It went against what had driven human innovation for centuries.

"Rumor has it that Dr. Cochrane created the Warp drive so he could sell it!" Melvyn always said whenever someone approached him about the issue of money and profit. "Without that innate desire, where would we be as Human beings?" He would always retort.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Ambitions It still remains unknown what Melvyn's current plans are. He has recently begun to take a particular interest in Federation politics, with many speculating that he has set his sights on the position of Federation President or an equally influential position. However, with the recent relocation of his company's headquarters to Deep Space Five, little remains known about what his true intentions are.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Melvyn Raddon was born on an Earth colony known as Rhy'Lin in 2313 to Madelyn and Raymond Raddon. They Rhy'Lin colony had been established within the Coridan system. The system was home to one of the largest dilithium deposits in the galaxy. The Federation, Romulan Star Empire, Tellerites, Orions, and countless other governments had dedicated a countless amount of resources towards cultivating the rich dlithium that existed within the system. Unfortunately, that also meant that Melvyn's life would be one filled with violence and struggle. Melvyn's father, Raymond, owned one of the largest dilithium re-processing facilities in the system, and was simultaneously the most respected and hated man to countless people.

Despite the system's importance to the Federation and other governments due to its dilithium mines, the system itself was filled with turmoil and poverty. The system government struggled to provide for its population despite countless raids by Orion syndicate and assiduously corrupt government. It had been said that the never-ending violence within the system had led to a total population decrease of at least 15% every century, making the system a haven for various organizations, both legal and less than legal, establishing operations.

In 2333, while still a student, Melvyn's parents had attended a conference on Coridan Prime to discuss the possibility of establishing a Federation Starbase within the region to solidify the Federation's diplomatic interest in the region. Most skeptics believed that it was for the purpose of protecting the Federation's economic interest in the region. However, the Coridan government recognized that a Federation Starbase in the area would provide military protection and an increased need for dilithium.

Unfortunately, rebel government forces in the area saw this as a hostile move. For generations, the Orion syndicate and other non-aligned governments sought to further destabilize the region in order to keep control of a ever growing amount of the dilithium production from the system. Although the planet was a Federation world, a fractured government allowed outside interest groups to have a greater say in how the economy was run. In recent years, the Orion syndicate had sponsored the Ore'stuh terrorist organization in their attempt to overthrow the current Coridan Chancellor. Although their previous attempts had been less than successful, this conference proved to be the perfect opportunity.

To this day, the attack on the conference is still known as one of the most deadliest terrorist attacks in Coridan history. Of the 3,470 participants, less than 240 survived the bloody onslaught. The Terrorists initiated a massive feedback loop within the reactor's electro-plasma regulator creating a massive breach throughout the structure. The initial blast killed those near the inner-structure.

However, the attack was two-pronged.

Numerous border parties beamed into several locations within the facility and began indiscriminately opening fire on the various civilians. Survivors reported that those who survived the initial bombings were attacked as they attempted to escape. Emergency transporters were offline, and evacuation shuttles had been sabotaged, causing the conference goers to become stranded. By the time Federation forces were able to arrive and assist, well over 3,000 men, women, and children had been killed in the deadly three hour rampage.

At the age of 20, Melvyn was left an orphan and the new owner of Raddon Refinement Industries, a tremendous burden for any one person to bear. With the guidance of his father's business associates and the board of directors, Melvyn managed to maintain control of the company despite repeated attempts at corporate takeovers. Melvyn recognized that the future of the company depended on expanding beyond just the Coridan system and seeking out other dilithium rich deposits beyond the Alpha Quadrant. The discovery of the Bajoran wormhole in 2369 allowed that vision to become a reality.

That same year, Melvyn became the Federation Commerce envoy to the Gamma Quadrant. Melvyn used that position to further the interest of the Federation, but in reality he was truly focused on the exploration and exploitation of a new form of dilithium that would allow a vessel to not only recrystallize spent dilithium, but triple its lifespan, allowing the vessel to travel further without having to seek a starbase or facility to replace its dilithium core.

The Dominion War was seen as a time of tragedy and opportunity for Melvyn and his company. The Dominion took a particular interest in the planet of Coridan Prime due to its dilithium mines and launched various attacks upon the region. Countless lives were lost in the subsequent battles. However, the Dominion's desire to control the region forced Starfleet to fortify the region and protect it from further Dominion incursion. Starfleet recognized that if the Coridan system fell to Dominion advances, it would place the Dominion in a strong position to launch attacks against Vulcan and other Federation-aligned worlds.

The sudden uptick in Starfleet vessels caused Raddon Corp. production to quadruple overnight. Additionally, it gave Melvyn an influential position with the Admiralty of Starfleet as well as the Federation Council. An influence, that many feel he has used to his own duplicitous advantage in the subsequent years.
Service Record 2333 - Present: CEO of The Raddon Corporation
2369 - 2373: Appointed Federation Commerce Envoy to the Gamma Quadrant
2388-Present: Transferred Corporate Headquarters of Raddon Corporation to Deep Space 5.
2390 - Present: Owner of Raddon Corporation and subsidiary entities (Dilithium Chamber Entertainment Complex, Raddon Energy Exploration)

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